Original Vintage 60s Abstract City Scape Painting

Original Vintage 60s Abstract City Scape Painting 09

This is an Original vintage abstract modernist painting that comes with the original vintage frame. If you have done any framing recently you know that a quality frame job can be rather expensive. Getting a vintage age appropriate frame is a real bonus and ads authenticity to the work.

 As you can see from the back of the painting the canvas is aged and I would date this piece to the very late 50s or early 60s. This is a very nice abstract piece that will be a great addition to any modernist or Danish Modern Décor.

 This is a very nice city scape painting that is a little unique in that the background is white and there are some great colors in the buildings. Many paintings of this type use darker background colors and more muted colors in the building area. I really do like this work but I have collected a room full of modernist paintings and some need to go.

 If you have been looking for vintage impressionist, modernist or abstract paintings to complement your Danish Modern décor, you know that nice ones are NOT EASY TO FIND. I have collected these over the years and will be listing others soon.

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