Danish Modern Short Teak Dresser by Vinde Mobelfabrik

Vinde Mobelfabrik made a  very popular matching suite of bedroom furniture that included a wide assortment of different chests and dressers. All the pieces were sized to complement each other and they worked together very well. Few people ever needed all the pieces that were available and they often pop up on the web, one item at a time. Due to the sets popularity you can find all the pieces, sooner or later, allowing you to start building a set with any pieces you happen to find at the moment. All the pieces can be mixed and matched to create a seamless and practical bedroom storage arrangement. This piece is from the set, and I currently have a matching dresser and vanity available.

This half size Danish Modern Teak dresser will get you many complements. It is in nearly perfect MINT condition with no issues and comes from Vinde Mobelfabrik of Denmark. These pieces from Vinde are fairly common and easy to identify as the logo on the back is a “V” over an “M” and it looks a bit like a “VW” car logo. All the pieces in this line are designed to work together and look great side by side.

This dresser offers great versatility and features a huge amount of storage space in a smaller package. This is a well designed and practical piece that features four drawer. The lines on this piece are simple making it a perfect match for other Danish bedroom pieces. This piece was crafted in Denmark and is a very well made product with quality drawers and trays.

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The quality of this item can be seen in the construction and materials used. Not all Danish furniture is created equal and there can be vast differences in quality between items that look almost identical. Some Danish furniture produced in the late 80s and 90s is “knock-down” furniture designed to be assembled like Ikea items. I carry ONLY better made vintage Danish furniture designed to last a lifetime

DRAWER FUNCTION: The drawers work very smoothly and the wood slides (small wood bars which fit into channels on the drawers) inside the dresser and the drawer channels (wood slides fit into drawer channels allowing the drawer to slide) are clean and look virtually new. MANY of the dressers being sold on eBay have warn or damaged wood slides or drawer channels causing the drawers to hang poorly resulting in a bad fit and poor function. We inspect the drawer slides and channels on every chest we have and have them replaced or repaired by certified professionals if not in perfect condition. In the case of this dresser no work was necessary as this piece saw little use and is in perfect condition.

CONDITION: This wonderful piece came from the original owners estate and is in very fine nearly perfect MINT condition with almost no signs of use. Please read our 100% positive feedback and review our 5 out of 5 star rating for “Item as described” and “Communication.”

DIMENSIONS: 36. Long  x  29.75” High  x  17.75″ Deep

DELIVERY: I can deliver to the DC, North Virginia and Baltimore area for FREE.

SHIPPING: I have developed a small network of trusted and insured independent truckers who specialize in the safe delivery of antique and collectable furniture. These independent truckers offer VERY good pricing and I can usually get an item this size shipped to NYC for around $200 – $300. A piece like this can usually be shipped to Chicago, Florida, Texas and as far north as Boston for around $179 – $300. Please contact me for an exact shipping quote.

SHIPPING TIMES: While the shipping companies I use offer exceptional pricing and great service the delivery times are longer than more expensive companies. If delivery time is critical please give me a call to discuss shipping arrangements. I have also used Plycon with good results when time is critical.

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