Danish Modern Teak Long Dresser By Nordisk

Beautiful Vintage Teak with Wonderful Grain Patterns

Graceful Sculptured Drawer Pulls

This great dresser is part of a two piece bedroom set (long dresser + taller dresser) which can be sold together or separately. If you would like to purchase the two piece set please see my other auctions and contact me to discuss the details.

 This Listing Is For the Long Dresser Only

This stunning well-built Danish Modern Teak dresser will get you many complements. If you have been looking for some Danish furniture that steps a little out of the ultra simple “box” design this could be for you. The dresser features graceful solid teak pulls that are integral to the design and add a softer edge to what can sometimes be cold Danish designs.

This is a well designed and practical dresser that will make a great modern statement in any bedroom. It is in great condition and exhibits a wonderful golden tone Teak. The dresser comes from Nordisc, well know for its quality materials and durable construction. The dresser offers great versatility and a huge amount of storage space with its eight solidly constructed drawers. The warm coloring on this piece is typical of quality vintage pieces.

The quality of this item can be seen in the construction and materials used. Not all Danish furniture is created equal and there can be vast differences in quality between items that look almost identical. Some Danish furniture produced in the late 80s and 90s is “knock-down” furniture designed to be assembled like Ikea items. I carry ONLY the better made vintage Danish furnishings, designed to last a lifetime.

The condition of this pieces is very fine with only light signs of wear. Nice solid construction and graceful modern design by a top-notch company – what more can you ask for?

US $799.00

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