Danish Modern Teak Tambour Roll Top Telephone Stand

Great Storage Piece That Can Fit Anywhere

This is a great all around storage piece that can fit into almost any corner. While it was original designed as a telephone stand (back in the day when people used a land line and phones were for taking calls, not taking pictures) it has 100 and 1 uses as a entry chest, end table, hall chest or even as a… PHONE STAND.

It is a well made piece and is quite attractive. Its roll-top tambour door will have people asking “what an interesting and curious looking furniture item… what is it?”. It does look cool and I used it for many years in my own home. I have done some remodeling and would like to keep it, but there is simply not a good spot for it now. It works well as an entry chest for mail, in a bathroom corner for towels and soap or at the end of a sofa (end table) for magazines and remotes. If you have even a small imagination you could come up with 50 uses.

CONDITION: This wonderful piece came from the original owners estate and is in very fine nearly MINT condition. Please read our 100% positive feedback and review our 5 out of 5 star ratings.

US $449.00

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