Danish Modern Teak King Size Platform Bed By Dyrlund

This is a stunning and exceptionally well built Danish Modern platform / floating bed in high quality Teak. The bed features two integrated Nightstands + Storage In the headboard and two under bed storage drawers. We have sold a lot of Dyrlund pieces over the years and this bed matches very well with items form that company and the quality is even HIGHER. The nightstands feature two storage drawers and a pull out writing try that is perfect for a laptop or late night snack.

We have been selling vintage Danish furniture for nearly ten years and I have probably sold every model of Danish Bed that you see on eBay. I am fully aware of the vast differences in quality between Danish beds and can confidently say that it will be VERY hard to find a better constructed bed at any price. The only manufactures that produced beds of the quality exhibited in this piece were Kibek or Torring. Dyrlund makes very heavily constructed furnishings but having sold many Dyrlund pieces over the years I would safely say that this bed is constructed to higher standards than Dyrlund products. If you are not familiar with these companies do some research and you will learn that these manufacturers produced exceptional furnishings that were far superior to the standard Danish production quality. On top of exceptional construction quality, this piece has LOTS OF STORAGE. If you have been looking for a quality Danish platform bed with under bed storage drawers you know it is not easy to find. Not only does this bed have two under bed storage drawers but it has storage in the headboard + nightstands with two storage drawers.

We have firsthand knowledge of the vast quality differences between Danish beds that can look surprisingly similar in eBay photos. We try to price our beds fairly, relative to quality and condition, not simply by how much we think we can get. We also strive to offer value and service, pricing our items slightly less, relative to quality when compared to other sellers. I am always surprised when I see a bed that I normally price at $900 – $1200 being listed by another seller for $2200. The sellers doing this usually have little or no experience with vintage Danish furniture and simple think all vintage Danish items are constructed the same and hold the same value. This is totally false. There are great variations in quality between Danish furniture pieces. We only sell the better items and price our pieces conservatively to insure customer satisfaction. The bed listed here represents a true value as the quality is head and solders above other beds listed in this price range. Feel free to give me a call and discuss this item if you like.

NIGHTSTANDS: Each has a pull out writing or laptop tray + two storage drawers.

 CONDITION: As stated above this is in exceptional good nearly MINT condition –  just look at the photos. It is clean and spotless, nearly new.


Headboard with Nightstands: 124.5″ Long x 30″ High x 8.75″ Deep

Headboard without Nightstands: 83.5″ Long x 30″ High x 8.75″ Deep

Each removable nightstand section: 20.5″ Long (across front) x  30″ High” x 17.25″ Deep

Total External Length (Back of Headboard to end of foot-board): apx. 91.25″

Total External Width at foot-board: apx 83.25”

Height of Foot-board” 18.5″

* Bottom of the mattress sits 11.5″ from the floor.

* Height of sides (Floor to top) 17.5″

US $1,995.00

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