Danish Modern Vintage Brazilian Rosewood Dining Table From Randers Møbelfabrik

This is a great high quality vintage Brazilian Rosewood Dining Table from Denmark in exceptional good, nearly MINT, condition. This table is designed slightly different from other Danish pull – leaf tables as the ends are slightly tapered offering a more sophisticated and sleek appearance. In most cases pull-leaf, or Draw-leaf, Danish tables are rectangle in shape. This table is approx. 37.5” wide at the center and 34.5” wide at the end of the leaves. This taper is very attractive and offers the owner a table that is a step above the standard draw-leaf table. This is a great table that will provide the owner with many complements and years of faithful service.

This table comes from Randers Møbelfabrik, a company well known for its quality hand crafted furniture. While many people think that Danish furniture items are all constructed in the same way, there can be great differences in quality between pieces that look surprisingly similar. If you have been collecting Danish furniture for years you know exactly what I am talking about. We refuse to carry lower quality pieces and sell only the better made Danish items. In fact, we sell to many of the dealers found on 1st dibs and other high end web sites. While Randers Mobelfrabrik may not be a the best known of the Danish manufacturers, it is well respected among collectors and I have sold many Randers pieces in the past.

This is a well constructed table that features leaves which are VERY closely matched in color. Unfortunately a lot of these tables have leaves that do not match the color of the main top surface. After thirty or forty years of use the main table top gets substantially more sunlight than the leafs and the color in the top usually fades or shifts so that the leaves do not match the center top. Every once-in-a-while I run across a table with nearly matching top and leaves. Such is the case with this table. On very close examination you will find that the leaves and top are not an exact match, but they are very close and most observers will not perceive a difference.

CONDITION: This piece is in very clean and nearly mint condition with only very light signs of use. The main table top is slightly less shiny when compared to the center table top.


Main Table top with no leaves: 58.5″ Long x 29″ High x 37.37 wide at center – 36.25 wide at end

Each leaf adds 21″ to length

Top with both leaves in use: 100.5″ Long x 29″ High x 37.37 wide at center – 34.5″ wide at end

US $1,695.00

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