Danish Modern Vintage Teak Pull Leaf Expanding Dining Table

This is a great vintage Teak Dining Table from Denmark in exceptional good, nearly MINT condition. This is a very nice darker Teak pull leaf table that offers a great amount of table top surface with a small footprint. One of the best features of this table is how close the table top matches the leaves. After thirty or forty years in the sunlight, the center surface can look quite different than the leaves. In this case the top and leaves are very close to the same color. Please review the close-up photos to get a better idea of how well they match.

I have been selling vintage Danish furniture on eBay for nearly ten years and I can sometimes be overwhelmed at the number of Danish pull leaf tables available. While most of these tables can look very similar, there can be great differences in quality between items that look nearly identical in eBay photos. Adding to the confusion is the fact that a large number of sellers are simply out to make a fast buck and have little if any knowledge concerning Danish furniture. I will not buy low end items for resale and only carry well crafted better made vintage Danish products. While we need to make a profit, we strive to offer value and customer service. We have a library of books on Danish furniture and consult with experts who are from Denmark to insure we provide high quality vintage pieces at fair prices.

This piece represents a very good value as we purchased it at a very reasonable price and are happy to pass this good luck on to our customers.

CONDITION: This piece is in very clean and nearly mint condition with only very light signs of use. The top is free from scratches, dents burns or stains. The main table matches very well with the two leaves.


Main Table top with no leafs: 54.25” Long x 34.5” Wide x 28.5” High

Each leaf adds 20″ to length

Top with both leaves in use: 94.25” Long x 34.5” Wide x 28.5” High

US $695.00

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