Danish Modern Teak 8 Drawer Dresser Credenza From Vindy

This is a very nice near mint Teak bedroom dresser that will get you many complements. It features eight practically sized drawers and wonderful vintage Teak coloring that is a slightly darker Honey tone. This is a great example of modern design with quality construction from Denmark. It is marked “Made in Denmark” and has the “Vindy” company logo on the back. I have sold a lot of these over the years and these Vindy dressers are solid items that hold up well and are modestly priced.

These pieces from Vindy are fairly common and easy to identify as the logo on the back is a “V” over an “M” and it looks a bit like a “VW” car logo. All the pieces in this line are designed to work together and look great side by side. It is relatively easy to build a set of furniture from Vindy as the pieces can be found on eBay from time to time and are usually not as expensive as designer items.

Not all Danish furniture is created equal and there can be vast differences in quality between items that look almost identical on eBay. While some Danish furniture produced in the 80s and 90s is very inexpensively made, you will find some eBay sellers still ask crazy money for even low quality pieces. We stock ONLY better made vintage Danish furnishings, designed to last a lifetime.

Recently, several dealers have listed this same dresser at higher prices. As the Vindy logo looks a little like a V and W merged together, people who do not know any better simply call this a “VW Dresser”. Some dealers do not mention the company name at all and simply call this a Teak Eight Drawer Dresser. At any rate, you can certainly find this piece listed at higher prices but you will not find one in better condition.  The value of our pricing becomes fully evident after reading our feedback. We try our best to offer excellent / mint condition items at a reasonable price with the lowest shipping costs in the business.

CONDITION: This wonderful piece came from the original owners estate and is in very fine nearly perfect MINT condition with almost no signs of use. Please read our 100% positive feedback and review our 5 out of 5 star rating for “Item as described” and “Communication.”

DIMENSIONS: 71.5” Long x 29.5” High x 18” Deep

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