Portable Danish Modern Teak Bookcase / Room Divider / Display Case

This is an absolutely stunning and heavily constructed portable bookcase / room divider or display unit that is rock solid. It can be assembled or disassembled in a just a few moments and easily placed in a closet for safe storage. While you may have seen similarly designed pieces, I am certain they were not constructed to the quality standards of this item. The frame on this piece is heavy solid beams of finish quality Teak and the shelves are finished in wonderful teak with exceptionally tight vintage grain. The hinges are heavy high quality solid brass from Denmark. Everything about this piece is 1st quality and exceptional.

While the design is simple and elegant, it forms a rock solid piece of furniture when assembled. Each shelf has several brass lined indentations that corresponding to brass pegs on the frame. When the shelves are placed on the frame and locked into the brass pegs, the piece becomes as stable and solid as any other quality bookcase. The heavy construction of this piece insures that even heavy pieces of pottery or other display items will be safe.

In ten years of collecting and researching vintage Danish furniture I have only seen this item four times. Two were found on 1st Dibs several years apart (at substantially higher prices) I sold a third one a while back and now I am offering this one. It is a wonderfully crafted and elegantly designed piece that is highly practical and versatile. The item is in exceptional condition and works equally well as a bookcase, display cabinet or room divider.

CONDITION: This piece is in very fine virtually MINT condition with only the very slightest signs of any use.

DIMENSIONS: 72″ Wide  x  67.5″ Tall x  17.5” deep. Each shelf is 12” deep

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