Long Bedroom Dresser By Arne Wahl Iversen For Vinde

Danish Modern Teak Long Bedroom Dresser By Arne Wahl Iversen For Vinde

Vinde Mobelfabrik made a popular matching suite of bedroom furniture designed by Arne Wahl Iversen that included a wide assortment of different chests and dressers. All the pieces were sized to complement each other and they worked together very well. Few people ever needed all the pieces that were available and the individual pices often pop up on the web, one item at a time. Due to the sets popularity you can find all the pieces, sooner or later, allowing you to start building a set with any pieces you happen to find at the moment. I often have three or four different pieces available from this set. All the pieces can be mixed and matched to create a seamless and practical bedroom storage arrangement. This long dresser is from that collectable Arne Wahl Iversen set but currently I do not have other Vinde pieces on hand.


This is a beautiful Danish modern eight drawer dresser from VindeThe lines on this piece are graceful but simple making it a perfect match for other Danish bedroom pieces. This piece was crafted in Denmark and is a very well made product with quality wood drawer slidesThe quality of this item can be seen in the construction and materials used. Not all Danish furniture is created equal and there can be vast differences in quality between items that look almost identical. I carry ONLY better made vintage Danish furniture designed to last a lifetime. The overall condition of the Teak is nearly perfect with only very slightest signs of wear. Nice solid construction and graceful modern design.


OVERALL DIMENSIONS:71.5″ Long  x  29.75″ High  x  17.75″ Deep

CONDITION: As stated above this is in great condition with no damage or issues. Only upon very close examination can slight signs of use be found.

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  1. I am hoping you can answer my question.
    Do you have a model 80 Rio design desk by Arne Wall Iverson?

    Can you tell me if the sub straight under any veneers on this desk or any other case goods made by Vinde Mobelfabrick were compressed particleboard or plywood.
    Thank you,

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