Teak Danish Modern Queen Platform Bed By Uldum Floating Nightstands + 2 Under Bed storage Drawers

This is an exceptional high quality Danish Modern platform (floating) bed in high quality Teak. This heavily constructed bed features wonderful teak trim and unique nightstands attached to the headboard at the left and right. In addition, there are two under-bed storage drawers. The lines on this are graceful and simple making it more desirable than some of the more common designs. This piece was crafted by Uldum Mobelfabrik in Denmark and is constructed to a higher standard than most Danish beds. If you are familiar with Danish furniture, you know that there can be VAST differences in the quality of Danish furniture pieces that look surprising similar in eBay ads. This bed from Uldem is built to a very high standard and is superior to 90% of the Danish beds sold on eBay. As we sell more vintage Danish Beds than any other dealer in the USA, we have seen and sold almost every model of vintage Danish bed imported in to the USA. This bed from Uldum is very nice and has a superior build quality.

NIGHTSTAND FEATURES: Take a look at the large unique nightstands that float on the left and right side of this great bed. Notice the large size and wonderful sliding tambour doors. They also feature a unique pull-out writing leaf that provides substantial additional top surface. You will also notice the drawer and open shelf. These are well made and practical nightstands that provide a lot of storage space and many uses.

UNDER-BED STORAGE DRAWERS: I have about 20 beds in stock at any one time but only get  two or three each year that have under-bed storage drawers. These storage drawers are a sought after feature that many of my customers look for.

Internal Dimensions of Bed (for Mattress)

80.25 inches long X 60.5 inches wide (Queen Size)

External Dimensions

Headboard: Apx. 115″ Long x 30.5″ High x 1.25″ Thick

Headboard to Footboard (back of Headboard to front of Footboard): Apx. 82.75″

Nightstands23.5″ Wide x 20.5″ Deep x 27.5 High (6.25 Open Space Under Nightstand)

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