6 Modern Dining Chairs By Ejvind A. Johanss For FDB Mobler Vintage 1960 Production

This is a wonderful set of six J67 chairs designed by Ejvind A. Johansson in 1957 when he was head of FDB Furniture. These groundbreaking chairs represent a fine balance between light and heavy, feminine and masculine. They harmonize function, aesthetics and durability in a simple wood chair.

These are certainly harder to find than some of the other, more common, FDB chairs. These originals have an early production date of 1960 and are in great condition with no chips, gouges, stains or damage.

A fantastic set of six original oak J67 Chairs in really great condition.



Seat Height: 17.5

Seat Width: 17″

Seat Depth: 18″

Height of Chair Back: 31″

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Click on the photo below to view gallery.

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