ULTIMATE QUALITY – Danish Modern King Size TEAK Platform Bed By Kibaek (Better than Dyrlund or Torring)

Danish-Modern-King-Size-TEAK-Platform-Bed-By-Kibaek-06I was almost speechless when I first discovered a Kibaek bed many years ago as they offer an unprecedented level of quality and unique features. Kibaek beds employ the heaviest construction methods I have ever seen. The bed is actually “over built” and I would expect it to last SEVERAL lifetimes. It employs thick heavy boards and the lower platform sections and upper frame sections are permanently connected making for a heavy rock solid bed. That said, the bed can be fully disassembled for shipping.

While you may not be familiar with Kibaek, it is an exceptional Danish furniture company. I have had a number of beds and chest pieces from Kibaek and all have been of the absolute highest quality with no competition from any other manufacturer. I have also sold a number of Dyrlund and Torring pieces over the years and can confidently state that Kibaek is SUPERIOR to either of the other two companies in every aspect. This vintage TEAK bed is an amazing stand out piece that will bring you many complements.

In addition to the heaviest construction I have ever seen, this bed offers the following unique features –

+ Nearly Mint condition

+ Pillows that flip out from the headboard for sitting up in Bed to watch TV

+ Snack trays that can be pulled out of the side rails

+ Headboard is finished on the back so that the bed does not need to be placed against a wall.

+ Heaviest construction methods

+ Deep headboard provides a shelf for clock or magazines

+ Nightstands have tambour doors and tong & grove drawers

Headboard Pillows

The first time I examined a Kibaek bed I did not even know that the headboard concealed pillows. It was several days before I realized that pushing at the lower edge of the headboard panel would flip around exposing a pillow.

Snack Trays

The snack trays pull out of a thin slot on the side rails and lock securely into place. The solid brass hinges allow the flat board sections to fold creating a solid and steady tray surface. A button releases the tray so that it can be stowed back into the side rail.

This is the ultimate Rolls Royce of vintage Danish Beds

You will not be able to find another bed with the features and quality of a Kibaek bed because no other company has ever made something like this. This bed is not simply a step or two above the next best bed (Dyrlund or Torring) that I have ever sold, it is at the top of the staircase. Over the years I have sold nearly every model and make of vintage Danish bed you can find on eBay. Over the years I have been happy to sell hundreds of very nice, well made beds from Denmark, but none exhibit the quality or features of a Kibaek bed. If the best Danish beds could be considered Cadillacs, Kibaek is most certainly a Rolls Royce!

If you have been looking for something in exceptional condition offering

unique features and exception quality – THIS IS IT!

Construction: Tight and solid, all original

Condition: Near MINT with Few signs of use.

King Dimensions:

Headboard (no Nightstands): apx. 81.75″ Long x 27.75″ High x 10.5″ Deep

Nightstands (each): 21.25″ Long x 27.75″ High x 19″ Deep

Total Length of Headboard + Nightstands: 124.25″

Total External Length (from wall to foot-board): apx. 93″

External Side Height: 15.25″

Internal Side Height In Mattress Area: 5″

Top of Bed Slat (Bottom of Mattress) To Top Of Headboard:

Internal Mattress Area: King Size (80.75″ x 78.25″)

Bottom Of Mattress Rests 10.5″ From Floor

Mattress Thickness: Best with mattress 10″ – 12′” Thick to utilize built in pillow feature & folding tables

Shipping: This item can be shipped blanket wrapped with one of my trusted independent truckers very reasonably. In most cases this item can go to NYC for about $450 – $550. Should be able to get this to Florida, Texas, Boston and Chicago for about the same amount. If you are in the California the cost will probably be $500+ but I might be able to get a little better deal.

Shipping Times: While the shipping companies I use offer exceptional pricing and great service the delivery times are longer than more expensive companies. If delivery time is critical please give me a call to discuss shipping arrangements. I have also used Plycon with good results when time is critical.

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  1. I am looking for a king size headboard with storage and floating or attached nightstands, teak or walnut preferably but real wood and I like this look if you come across another let me know….


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