Danish Modern Brazilian Rosewood 8 Drawer Dresser From Kibaek of Denmark

You may not have heard much about the Kibaek furniture company from Denmark as their pieces were so expensive that they priced themselves out of the market many years ago. Kibaek pieces are the most durable and highest quality furnishings I have ever found. I rate the quality of Kibaek items higher than those from Dyrlund or even Torring. The cost of producing Kibaek furnishings resulted in a street price that was simply too high for the market to bear.

Usually, I prefer furnishings with drawers to utilize wood slides as they can be repaired and replaced when needed. Many companies changed to metal slides at some point and I usually avoid them as metal slides often break after a few years and they are not easy to replace. My opinion of metal slides changed when I inspected my first piece of Kibaek furniture. Kibaek furnishings utilize metal slides that are of EXCEPTIONAL quality. I have never found any company that uses slides of this quality. They are HEAVY DUTY industrial slides that are designed to last a lifetime of heavy use.

This is a wonderful double dresser in rare Brazilian Rosewood from a highly respected company. It is in outstanding condition with no issues and is an excellent example of the very best in Danish Modern cabinetry. The dresser offers great versatility and features a huge amount of storage space. You will not be disappointed.

CONDITION: This wonderful piece came from the original owner’s estate and is in very fine condition with only VERY slight signs of use.

DIMENSIONS: 71″ Wide x 31” High  x  19″ Deep

DELIVERY: I can deliver to the DC, North Virginia and Baltimore area for FREE.

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