72″ Long Danish Modern Brazilian Rosewood Credenza from Dyrlund

This is a wonderful Brazilian Rosewood credenza from Dyrlund, one of Denmark’s higher end furniture manufacturers. I have had a few of these credenzas over the years and my wife has this exact same model in her office. It is a extremely sturdy and very practical storage piece for office or home. Pulling open the left side tambour door reveals a drawer that is designed to be used with hanging files. The drawer has two long scratches on the left front side as seen in the photos. Every one of these credenzas, that I have had in the past, has had the exact same two scratches due to the design of the credenza. It is almost impossible to keep these marks from happening. In one case, I had the front of the drawer refinished and within a week the scratches returned due to the design of the tambour door. Pulling open the right side reveals an open storage space with holes on the sides to support one or two shelves.

HOME OR OFFICE USE: This great piece of Danish history can be used in a home or office setting. If you like, the drawer for hanging files can be removed leaving you with two open shelved areas.

BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD: In the 70s it became illegal to import Brazilin Rosewood products into the USA as it was designated an endangered species. It has stayed that way until today. The good news is that vintage pieces are perfectly legal to keep and sell openly.

DIMENSIONS: 72” Long x 29” High x 22.5” Deep

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