Danish Modern Brazilian Rosewood 8 Drawer Dresser From Kibaek of Denmark

You may not have heard much about the Kibaek furniture company from Denmark as their pieces were so expensive that they priced themselves out of the market many years ago. Kibaek pieces are the most durable and highest quality furnishings I have ever found. I rate the quality of Kibaek items higher than those from Dyrlund or even Torring. The cost of producing Kibaek furnishings resulted in a street price that was simply too high for the market to bear.

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72″ Long Danish Modern Brazilian Rosewood Credenza from Dyrlund

This is a wonderful Brazilian Rosewood credenza from Dyrlund, one of Denmark’s higher end furniture manufacturers. I have had a few of these credenzas over the years and my wife has this exact same model in her office. It is a extremely sturdy and very practical storage piece for office or home. Pulling open the left side tambour door reveals a drawer that is designed to be used with hanging files. The drawer has two long scratches on the left front side as seen in the photos. Every one of these credenzas, that I have had in the past, has had the exact same two scratches due to the design of the credenza. It is almost impossible to keep these marks from happening. In one case, I had the front of the drawer refinished and within a week the scratches returned due to the design of the tambour door. Pulling open the right side reveals an open storage space with holes on the sides to support one or two shelves.

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Brazilian Rosewood & Leather 4 seat Sofa Designed By Knut Saeter or Hans Olsen For Vatne Mobler

Fabulous Near MINT Example of this Iconic 60s Classic

This is a very fine example of the classic and highly collectable sculpted Brazilian Rosewood sofa designed by Knut Saeter (Some resources attribute this to Hans Olsen) and manufactured by Vatne. This fabulous Modernist sofa dates to the early 60s and is in wonderful condition with soft supple leather and a nearly flawless Brazilian Rosewood frame. The original down filled cushions are very comfortable and while naturally wrinkled, the cushions show no sign of cracking, holes, tears or other damage. This sofa was VERY well cared for and is exceptional good condition. I would say that it would be nearly impossible to find an original unmodified sofa in better condition anywhere.

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Brazilian Rosewood Pull Leaf Dining Table from Denmark

This WONDERFUL dining table exhibits wonderful vintage Brazilian Rosewood grain patterns and is in nearly perfect condition. It is unmarked so I am not exactly sure who the manufacturer was but it is a well-made table in exceptionally good condition. It is clear to see that this was not a cheaply made table as seen in the attention-to-detail, materials used and construction. This piece has great Brazilian Rosewood grain and is a very practical draw leaf design. These tables came in several sizes and this is one of the larger sizes made. The best feature is that the table top and leaves match in color unlike many of the tables you might find online.

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Lounge Chair By Hans Olsen for Vatne Mobler

Brazilian Rosewood & Leather High Back Lounge Chair By Hans Olsen for Vatne Mobler

This is a very fine example of the classic sculpted rosewood high back lounge chair & ottoman by Hans Olsen for Vatne. This fabulous Modernist chair dates to the 60s and is in excellant condition with wonderful black leather cushions and a nearly flawless Brazilian Rosewood frame.

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