Danish Modern Brazilian Rosewood 8 Drawer Dresser From Kibaek of Denmark

You may not have heard much about the Kibaek furniture company from Denmark as their pieces were so expensive that they priced themselves out of the market many years ago. Kibaek pieces are the most durable and highest quality furnishings I have ever found. I rate the quality of Kibaek items higher than those from Dyrlund or even Torring. The cost of producing Kibaek furnishings resulted in a street price that was simply too high for the market to bear.

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ULTIMATE QUALITY – Danish Modern King Size TEAK Platform Bed By Kibaek (Better than Dyrlund or Torring)


I was almost speechless when I first discovered a Kibaek bed many years ago as they offer an unprecedented level of quality and unique features. Kibaek beds employ the heaviest construction methods I have ever seen. The bed is actually … Continue reading