136.5″ Wide Danish Modern Brazilian Rosewood 3 section Bookcase Wall Unit By Poul Hundevad MCM

I currently have a wide selection of Brazilian Rosewood cabinets and storage units designed by Poul Hundevad. All the pieces are designed to work together and complement each other in size and design.

This post is for a 3 section, 136.5″ wide, wall unit composed of 3 Hundevad pieces that I currently have in stock. The center section is a 54.5″ piece that has a four drawer storage chest with bookcase hutch on top. The left section is a 27.5″ Bookcase and the section is a 54.5″ bookcase. Almost all the shelves are adjustable, but each section has one or two fixed shelves. See the last photos to view each individual section of the wall unit.

I have several other Hundevad sections in Brazilian Rosewood listed this month and all can be purchased separately or together.

DIMENSIONS: 77” High x 136.5” Wide x 12” Deep

COLORING: In its natural form, Brazilian Rosewood is a brown color with wild uncontrolled black markings and streaks. At some point many years ago, Brazilian Rosewood furniture crafted in Denmark was stained with a dark red mahogany stain giving it the red coloring we associate Brazilian Rosewood. If these furnishings were placed in an area that received direct sunlight for 40 – 70 years, the red coloring can be bleached out by the sun leaving a brown or yellowish/brown appearance along with the telltale black markings. In some cases even the black markings can be faded. This piece has seen some fading and is more in the brown or golden brown color tones with a slight red tint.

CONDITION: As stated above these pieces are in great condition with no damage or issues. Only upon very close examination can slight signs of use be found.


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