Queen Platform Bed With Nightstands By Nordisk

Queen Platform Bed With Nightstands By Nordisk

 Quality manufacturing by Nordisk +

Night Stands Can Be removed For Smaller Areas

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This is a stunning well-built Queen Size Danish Modern platform / floating bed from Nordisk Andels-Eksport, one of Denmark’s better known high-end manufacturers. The lines on this are graceful and simple with solid construction that shows in the details. This bed features: 


+ Queen Size

+ Heavy-duty construction


+ Nightstands with pull-out leaf (see photos)


+ Headboard with 6” shelf on the top edge


+ Removable left & right nightstand sections 


With the nightstand / headboard sections attached you have a long and graceful headboard that makes an impressive modern statement. If you do not have the wall space for the night stand segments you can remove one or both. You can always use them in the future when you have more wall space. If you are in a town house, apartment or a living condition where space is limited, this bed could be the ticket. 

Take note of the unique attached nightstands on this bed. The nightstands have the standard storage drawers that you would expect, but there is an addition storage space below the drawers and a pull out table leaf for writing.

 CONDITION: As stated above this is in very good nearly MINT condition – just look at the photos.


Headboard with all sections: 116.25″ Long x 29.25″ High x 6″ Deep

 Headboard with center section only: 64.75″ Long x 29.25″ High x 6″ Deep


Each removable side section: 25.75″ Long x 29.25″ High x 6″ Deep


Total External Length (from Wall): apx. 87″


Total External Width: apx 62.50”


Total Internal (mattress) Length: 80.25”


Total internal (mattress) Width: 61”


Bottom of the mattress sits 10″ from the floor.

Height of sides: 16″

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