Danish Modern Teak Queen Size Platform Bed With Nightstands, Light-Bar and Foot-Board Storage Designed by Poul Hundevad

If you are considering a vintage Danish Modern platform bed and want something that is high quality and a bit different, this might be your ticket. 

This is a rather rare and unique Danish Modern platform bed designed by Poul Hundevad. It features large nightstands with wonderful tambour doors, unique storage chests at the footboard and the original light-bar / shelf above the headboard. All pieces are in excellent condition with no issues. 

Nightstands: Each nightstand has an upper and lower section, each with its own smooth sliding tambour door. Opening the upper section reveals a large angled storage area and the lower section contains a single shelf. 

Footboard Storage Chests: As far as I know Hundevad was the only company that offered storage chests like this. The doors and hinges are sturdily built and this feature offers extra storage for bedding and pillows. Hundevad also sold this basic bed in a shorter version that did not have the storage chests at the footboard. 

Light-bar / Shelf: Over the past 15 years I have had a number of these beds. In all the years I have been selling vintage Danish Modern furniture, I have never had a bed like this that came with the original Light-bar / shelf. This light-bar option comes in three sections. A shorter left and right section that do not have a light, along with the longer center section that has two light fixtures concealed up under the Teak enclosure. 

Condition: This bed is in excellent condition without any issues or damage. I took this bed apart myself and from my discussion with the owner, this bed was assembled when new and never moved or disassembled until I purchased it. This results in a bed that is tight and solid without condition issues.   


Headboard to end of footboard Chest approximately 101” 

Headboard Alone: 64″ Wide x 33.5″ High x 4.5″ Deep  

Width from nightstand to nightstand approximately 114” 

Mattress rests approximately 10″ from floor 

Nightstands 33.5″ High x 24.5 Wide x 17.75 Deep

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