Danish Modern Teak Bookcase or Wall Unit By Poul Hundevad

I currently have a wide selection of teak and rosewood cabinets and storage units designed by Poul Hundevad. All the pieces were created to work together and complement each other in size and design. I have storage chests that features a bookcase or hutch on top as well as other standalone bookcase sections. 

This post is for a 54.5” wide bookcase section that can be used alone or added to other Hundevad pieces to create a wall unit. It can match with other Hundevad pieces you may already have to create a much larger storage solution if you choose. I also have other sections that can be used to make an even larger wall unit, if desired. All pieces are in wonderful condition without issues although coloring might be slightly different due to how much sun they got over the past 40-70 years. 

Bookcase has a total of 12 shelves and 10 are adjustable. 

DIMENSIONS: 77” High x 54.50” Wide x 12” Deep 

CONDITION: As stated above these pieces are in great condition with no damage or issues. Only upon very close examination can slight signs of use be found. 

COLOR: This is a darker teak with more brown than some of the yellow or orange tinted pieces.

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